About Us

A "family first" business from the start

SWAVET was founded, early 1971, originally in Namibia by Fritz Rexrodt, Senior. Having always been interested in animals and their care and wellbeing, Fritz spent the first two decades building the business, by sourcing and providing quality veterinary and agricultural products, to farmers in Namibia at affordable prices.

In 1995, SWAVET RSA (Pty) Ltd., became operative with Fritz Rexrodt (Junior), at the helm to broaden its focus from Namibia into neighboring countries. Since then, both companies have grown significantly, extending their customer bases and increasing their product ranges; by keeping abreast of product innovations and technology advancement, internationally in the agricultural sector.

By virtue of long standing relationships with our suppliers overseas, SWAVET offers one of the most extensive ranges of instruments, to the commercial farmers for use with cattle, sheep, goats as well as horses.

In our 40 years in business, we have invested in developing sound relations with both customers and suppliers. We have strengthened and broadened the scope of the medicinal side of our business and as a result, can now offer some well established brand names, in addition to our own tried and tested products.

Notwithstanding a strong and growing sales force, we remain a family run business, which still strives to bring our products at the most affordable price to the end user – the farmer, thus upholding our mission of affordable retailing.