Delivery and Order Policy


Free delivery on all orders of a R1500.00 or more!

Ordering of Stock

  1. Orders can be placed via M2North / EDI or fax. No telephonic orders will be accepted.
  2. All Orders more than R1500.00 will be sent out on SWAVET`s account. If you should however,urgently require an order, you our client, can arrange a collection from our premises.
  3. Alternatively the ordered items can be posted, should it not be hazardous, at the normal postage rates. Please be advised that postage can take up to 10 working days. If so preferred, the order can be captured into our system and kept on backorder until another order is received from you.

Receiving of Stock

  1. All stock leaves our premises in an excellent condition. Should you, our client, however receive stock which has been damaged on route, or does not agree with the amount invoiced, it stays your responsibility to report it to our SWAVET head office within 3 (three) working days.
  2. Due to the fact that it is not always possible to check the stock in at the same time as it is received, and the courier drivers being in a hurry, it is a must that should you find any boxes, bags or buckets that are damaged, to write it down on the receiving waybill.
  3. No claims on damaged stock or shortages, shall be granted, unless reported to the SWAVET head office within the 3(three) working days.
  4. No Representative or Agent are allowed to collect any damaged stock without the knowledge and consent of the SWAVET head office.

Expired Stock

  1. All stock must be sent back to the SWAVET head office warehouse 4 (Four) months prior to the expiry date on the clients costs. If the stock still meets our required standards, credit can be passed or it could be replaced with fresh stock.
  2. No stock will be accepted with a shorter time span as we have to be able to find a client that will still be able to sell it in that time.