Swavet Foaming Pessaries

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Directions for use:

Use only as directed.

Before insertion of pessary, the vulva regions of the animal should be thoroughly washed and cleaned as well as the hand and arm used to insert the pessary.  Use arm-length disposable protective gloves.  Insert pessary into furthermost reaches of the uterus.



Cows:  1 Pessary once only (2 may be used in cases of severe infection).

Sows and ewes:  Half a pessary once only.

If further treatment is required, consult your veterinarian.

Note:  The foaming action of Swavet Foaming Pessaries depends on the presence of moisture.  In the presence of 20ml of fluid, 2 litres of foam is produced.

The action of the foam is:

-to distribute the Oxytetracycline throughout the cavities.

-to aid healing by mechanical cleaning of the uterus wall.

For correct diagnosis, always consult your veterinarian.

Store below 25⁰C.



Oxytetracycline 2 000 mg per pessary

Additional information

Reg No.

G2265 Act 36/1947


Swavet Foaming Pessaries 6x25g