Swavet Gall Powder

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Wash Hands after use.


Directions for use:

The recommended dose should be added to 1-2 bottles of warm water and given as a drench.  The addition of a cupful of molasses or sugar will improve palatability and increase efficacy.  The dose can be doubled or repeated in 2 to 4 hours as necessary.


Dosage:  Adult Cattle                            65g

Calves and Adult Sheep     16g



Nux Vomica Preparation         31.25g/kg

Ginger Root Powder                 62.50g/kg

Ammonium Bicarbonate         125.0g/kg

Yeast Powder                            250.0g/kg

Dried Molasses                         100.0g/kg

Calcium Carbonate                  431.25g/kg

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Reg No

G2646 Act 36/1947


Swavet Gall Powder 500g